4 Benefits Of Hiring A Domestic Helper Through A Maid Agency

Posted on 01/ 02/ 2024

For most people, the process of hiring a domestic helper is either intimidating, confusing, or just downright boring. It’s not something they want to spend a significant amount of time on. Thankfully, you can enlist the help of domestic helper agency in Singapore to take the load off your shoulders during the maid hunting process. Besides making the process smoother, there are many other benefits of hiring a domestic helper through a maid agency.

Benefit #1: Greater number of choices of Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesian maids from maid agency

Maid agencies will have a large database of new and transfer domestic helpers for you to choose from quickly and efficiently. These domestic helpers from the maid agency come from various countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

With a larger pool of domestic helpers to choose from, you’re more likely to find one that matches your exact requirements and lifestyle, compared to sourcing on your own.

Benefit #2: Professional and personalised advice given

Established maid agencies have years of experience in suggesting and finding a domestic worker that suits your needs, without overlooking any important details. This is perfect for busy professionals as the maid agency will be the one looking through all the biodata to assess, filter, and select the candidate based on your needs.

Maid agencies can also offer you more professional and personalised advice, such as the recommended ethnicity of the maid (e.g. Pinay, Indonesian or Burmese maid) and if a transfer or new maid will suit your lifestyle better.

Femme5 conducts House Visits anytime at your convenience to find out more about your family and lifestyle in order to shortlist and recommend the right domestic helper. This is especially important if it is your first time hiring a maid as you may not know what to look out for.

Benefit #3: One-stop maid agency

Maid agencies provide a wide range of pre-sale and post-sale services. They help to settle all the needed paperwork when the domestic helper arrives or leaves. This includes the booking of air tickets, application, renewal, cancellation of work permits, as well as the renewal of passports.

Some domestic helpers may not be suitable for the family. Maid agencies will typically offer to immediately replace the previous maid free-of-charge, which minimises the disruptions to your household.

If you’re going out of town, many maid agencies also provide boarding services for your domestic helper. With this kind of services, she is safe and well taken care of when you’re not around.

With the full suite of maid agency services rendered, no unexpected hiccups will occur. This will offer you a greater peace of mind during the entire maid hunting process.

Benefit #4: Additional training

Many domestic helpers who just arrived in Singapore are not equipped to handle chores. Their future employers will have to be patient and spend a considerable amount of time teaching them. They also have to let the domestic helpers adapt to living in this foreign country.

Maid agencies, however, will typically provide some caregiving training, such as maid cooking class or infant care and elder care to the domestic helpers. This ensures a smoother transition once they are hired and their employers don’t have to constantly teach or supervise them.

Femme5 is a strong advocate of personally rendering additional pre-training to domestic helpers and caregivers to provide targeted needs that you require. Private and personalised one-on-one cooking lessons are also available so your maids can learn how to cook delicious and healthy meals for you and your family.

Great Help Begins With Femme5

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