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Our Commitment To You

We are friends who have come together to better the service quality and standards in providing foreign domestic workers (FDWs) to hundreds, thousands and millions of households in Singapore.

Trust, reliability, quality, respect and professionalism are the key foundation when you embark on the journey of seeking a domestic helper. This is what we stand for because we ourselves are employers of domestic helpers and caregivers. We have constantly experienced the arduous process of hiring domestic helpers and caregivers but haven't received professional and quality post-placement services.

Femme5 is a strong advocate of personally rendering additional pre-training to domestic helpers and caregivers so as to provide targeted needs that you require. If you are in need of a domestic helper or caregiver to look after the welfare and needs of your home, family and even pets, look no further as great domestic help begins with us at Femme5. This is our commitment to you.

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We conduct House Visits any time at your convenience to find more about your lifestyle so we can shortlist the right maid for you.

Hassle-Free Service

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At Femme 5, we strongly believe that a strong fit makes a happy home.

A Personalised Fit

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We are a strong advocate of rendering additional pre-trainings like a helper cooking class to provide the target needs that you require.

Additional Pre-Training

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